Things I Love and Hate

Things I love:

1) summer days with the perfect temperature and just-right breeze

2) people who care about the world they live in, other people, and themselves

3) good books, hot mug of tea, an autumn evening

4) cuddling/snuggling

5) cooking good food

6) keeping on a healthy schedule for eating and sleeping

7) writing

8) good conversations

9) tv shows/movies with a point

10) a clean bedroom

11) snowflakes that are light and fluffy on cool winter nights

12) apple cider in a coffee shop

13) appreciating quiet moments of solitude

14) soft music, wine, dinners with close friends

15) going to the gym

Things I hate:

1) investing more in people than they do in me

2) people who live in their own little bubble

3) ignorance

4) oppression

5) tv shows/movies/books without a point

6) unctuous people

7) insincere people

8)….people. (nah just kidding)

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