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Resolutions for 2013

Body Image/Exercise/Healthy Living Keep track of what foods I eat (food groups and calories) Eat a fruit in the morning for breakfast once a week; work up to doing this every day Go to the gym 2-3 times a week … Continue reading

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Your Breath

Your Breath So quiet. (in so many ways) Against my ear,                 warm, your lips, and after; your chin between my neck and shoulder.                 We’d be maybe lying on our sides, your hands holding mine at my breasts, our … Continue reading

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How Good It Is/Epilogue: Hatchet Artisanship

How good it is   Epilogue: Hatchet Artisanship The first time I tried to fit inside a box less than half my size, I was playing hide and seek. I imagined it would be as easy as contortionists made it seem, … Continue reading

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Mental Health, Racism, and Gun Violence: An Analysis of the Massacre in Newtown

On mental health: Mental health should not be a topic given lip service to after every mass shooting just because the privileged ‘sane’ are fearful of the ‘insane’ – this is othering language. Othering language posits an “us” vs “them” … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Culturally Disoriented:
[Content note for violence, violence against children, disablism] Last week was not a good time for my happy levels. First, we had the Good Man Project (or,as I like to call it, the No Rapist…

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