Resolutions for 2013

Body Image/Exercise/Healthy Living

  1. Keep track of what foods I eat (food groups and calories)
  2. Eat a fruit in the morning for breakfast once a week; work up to doing this every day
  3. Go to the gym 2-3 times a week
  4. Lose 25 lbs
  5. Strength train for arms, core, and sides.
  6. Be happy with my thighs. They make up for in softness what they lose due to size.
  7. Ok no, fuck that. Be happy with how big they are too.
  8. Smile more
  9. Sleep at a regular time
  10. Relax my jaw more
  11. De-stress every night through conscious loosening of tense muscles
  12. Be aware of who affects my body and in which ways
  13. Be conscious of my posture; go for massages

Relationships/Self Image

  1. Trust/love myself more – trust others will too
  2. Be hopeful rather than skeptical
  3. Value myself more – trust others will too
  4. Meet others’ needs
  5. Express hurt before it’s too late…and value my own hurt for what it is rather than thinking I ‘shouldn’t’ be or don’t ‘deserve’ to feel the way I do.
  6. Don’t be needy or clingy; don’t be aloof
  7. Be vulnerable around people I love, even if I’m hurt in the process.
  8. Open up to pain, love, trust, and friendship.
  9. In general, trust more
  10. Believe I am loveable
  11. Trust my knowledge, abilities, capabilities more
  12. Remove negative influences; determine and value my needs for friendship
  13. Be more giving
  14. Work harder
  15. Be kinder
  16. Volunteer/find organisations with similar political aims
  17. Feel deeper
  18. Appreciate good friends more – and more often.
  19. Maintain ties with friends.
  20. Give everyone a second chance no matter what, including myself. But only a second one.
  21. Be less cynical.
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