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Encountering Arrogance in a Coffee Shop, or: The Old White Dude at Starbucks Who Knew More About my Research than I did (Not)

I was at a Starbucks, working on my research and studying for an exam in the fall, when I noticed an acquaintance of mine from McGill University. Since we’re both no longer in Montreal, the chance meeting was something of … Continue reading

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The Problem With Dove’s “Real Beauty” Campaign, Part 3: Beyond Beauty – to Reject or to Reclaim?

Hey everyone! I’ve been playing around with html and mostly, overall, failing. However, I did figure out page jumps to make the blog post just ever so slightly more readable. Only a bit though. Because if I had to suffer … Continue reading

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For people who hurt (from) others

*a spoken word piece that probably needs some work as I’ve never really done spoken word….so I’ve been blogging about beauty and dove and I promise the third post is on its way. in the meantime, I… needed a new … Continue reading

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