A bot based on my status updates on facebook writes better poetry than I do

Struggling to be a child, the relatives wouldn’t hold her. She would, out of analyzing our existence, our differences, our relative roles, and wrapped in horrible positions, powerwise – It’s a simple matter where she goes. Be across the woman raped by email, if you just realised I can find more than women to read. promise. And solve. They wont release her friends who did not want to read. No not my stories just I am my eyes as I disembodied. But yes, I’m writing one! Never thought I’d write My lover says he loves how like, I’m not a race. But this move caused whiteness to fracture the name ethnicity was expected to do. I was a prominent theme that I kept in a container sideways in India. You need an impact on the true horror story.  i know i can be a small hand, held, as encroaching on another trigger conversation, and genuine compassion.

I don’t perform womanhood in a gentle process. I like being home, clutching my heartbeat, bringing blood to people.

Dare I want? I want to end. the lightbulb knows better. The lightbulb knows none of racial justice. It only heard when I think. It’s a visceral reaction. A rotting boat. This is my heartbeat, bringing blood to my throat lips—on my fb, if you’re 6, new column for things said by her last night. It only took ALL of me. I like their pockets. Everybody wants to lay down mais je peux pas parler de problemes avec mes amis quebecois! As always, lovely to reconnect and language laws were not relationships. It was a symbolic point: I’m totally ok to stop. I need to break out of what man wants them. Language is not at the moment; it’s my first degree sprain. Instead, the conversation was drowning. This is the simple action of languages: we managed to fill each other with words, with slight tongues in every fall. I’m falling into a bigger ball. Im falling into the dominant faction of elites  – adopted a strategy of coded messaging and avoidance of obvious racial conflict, while using Vaseline in August.  But yes, I’m rusty with Edward said+pomegranate tea, here when brown children die without a calendar or a colonial empire… I’m struggling to avoid August. I was a colonial empire…reduced to kitschy cool paraphernalia.

I’m curious about a friend of mine and near future. fb sometimes lock themselves away, splinters in the world. He proceeded to tell time. It was red velvet cake. I need some of the blue, yeah. All hail the profeminist writers of minority of civility that is what has been over.

Steep me for 6 minutes in 98 degrees Celsius water.

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