A Car Accident in Space-Time

“You’re going to get published, right?
You write so beautifully,” he said.

A few years from now,
few, from our perspective,
we will all be able to travel
at the speed of light
without much effort at all.

Sometimes, I let it slip that I can do this,
though it’s not the right century for
anyone to really understand

biomolecular  forms of space travel
mediated through
Wernicke’s area –
somewhere along the superior temporal gyrus
of your brain



And sometimes, people pick up the skill
and start using it a little too haphazardly:
“I don’t think this is working,” he said.

Some conversations are journeys
around the world in half a second; the whiplash
is only comfortable
for those


to new drivers punching holes in space-time.

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