Janus Lady – One

I saw a man at the Starbucks today, his
eye caught mine, or tried to, with his arm
around a woman’s shoulders as she kissed
his neck tenderly, he tried to wink at me.

So I  cut a smile from
the plastic and sheet metal
around my teeth, flashed him
a hyena grin, pulled from
the 27th century, made sure he
saw the hawk in my eye,
the metal flash of metacarpals as I
brushed a stray strand of hair out of my face.

animal, witch, poet, machine. 
Which are you? 
Which are me?

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One Response to Janus Lady – One

  1. xenologer says:

    I don’t even know how to deal with my feelings about this but they are huge and joyful and appreciative of its existence. This is just the best.


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