A Little Summer Joy

I desire languor lying
in my limbs, lining the memory
of movements older than old,
so old, that I was young, with
the flexibility of a voice with a range greater
than tight vocal chords can sing.

It is time to loosen muscles,
without losing my nerve, it’s a
season for verve! I want

a cool summer breeze massaging
my shoulder blades, muscles, and
all along my brown sides, yes I’m sun-kissed,
yes, only I get to say it, and I want
the little crescent moon scar on my back,
to feel  every ray of sunshine, sweet,
like honey on toast. There is never
joy in being eaten whole, (and maybe
too much in being eaten out) but there is
just-enough-much this pleasure of little joys
in being nibbled, by summer grass, running
along my calves, urging me to run too
not away, but to



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