The Trick

I am these days
interested in the magical,
the unreal, the promises
and well wishes, and
goodwill that lasts
as long as the play, the act,
the scene commands their
necessities- oh these beautiful
moments of cannot-be,
the never-was.

the trick to real-izing intimacy
is always in pretense: not the
jaded, envy green way of adults,
but the way children do when they dress up,
find themselves in the most
elaborate fantasies
for as long as an afternoon can extend
into eternity – and not a second more.

How did we lose this art of
pretending sincerely? This
earnest pretense as far your vision extends
from night to dawn and no longer – no, not a second more,
(when did we start to fear the way things end?)
the chapter closes, and it’s in this closing, book spine shifting,
book bindings holding fast, texts falling
like shadows on each other, turning to hide between book
covers, bodies between sheets, and that closeness of a moment
caught when the book closes, the play ends, the words
come together, it is here
that the imagined landscape of  intimacy
exists, why, I think mostly

memory is two parts reality
and two parts imagination,
and intimacy is one part reality
three parts dream, and we all
could afford to dream a little more
why, I think

the trick to intimacy is to greet it with a smile
or maybe a kiss, saying hello
and goodbye on your lips –
and remember it, imagine it
better than it ever was
better than it could ever  be,
(because if intimacy can
devastate, why should it
not redeem? )

And what is a life,
what should a life be,
but beautiful moments
crafted and strung through time, memory,
listen, listen closely, please:
there are only two rules to a life
well lived:
first, do not draw scars in your body by
dragging happiness out of you,
through your organs, pulling this from you
with fish hooks and screaming it was metal all along –
it wasn’t.

second, all happiness is imagined, and
this is what makes it the most real, the way it
hides in your chest, makes your
heart beat a little more, floods you
with serotonin and dopamine , fills
your eyes with tenderness,
the shy blink, the cascading hair,
even the whispered “yes” carrying
the magic of the entire universe on your breath,
yes, this is all there is, all there ever will be,
all you will know, no, there is noting more, and
nothing less, and never forget that
it is glorious:

and the trick to beautiful moments? is
to keep them short, oh, as short as humanly possible,
so short, it feels inhumane at first, so short,
so that all there is to them, forever, is beauty.

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