Bitter Palate Pumpkin Seeds

Bitter Palate
Somewhere along the way from undergrad
to graduate school and work (yes, these
are the ways I define time, that and graduated cylinders,
or teaspoons, and spooning bodies, and bodies in
cadaver labs, and
isn’t that telling an awful
lot about myself?)

I graduated from tea to coffee with 3 creams and 2 sugars
to coffee with 1 cream and no sugar, and
I like the way it bites my tongue,
gently nipping, there is space for joy
here too, I remember, when we did a taste test in
grade 3, we stood there in a row, sticking our tongues out,
eyes shut and waited for a dab from a cue tip somewhere in our mouths,
and they gave me coffee,
they gave me bitter, and
I remember my face scrunching up like a scrunchie,
giggling and spitting and shouting and laughing
because it was so gross and so funny and really

that’s just life and

I  think I forgot that along the way, that
bitter things are funny and good and god
I love them now.

Pumpkin Seeds

are still delicious.

are still salty.

are still so much damn work.

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