Anchor Kites

Part 1
Ok, so you
have not
been loved.

(You know, in “that” way.)

This is true.

It is also true that
You are allowed to exist and
not have experienced love.

You are allowed to exist.
(Maybe this is what hurts the most)

You are allowed to exist,
and find meaning outside
being loved.

Maybe, you’ll never be loved.
(Maybe, the maybe kills – actually
it doesn’t even do that. Maybe
that’s why you feel ashamed. Anyway,
it would be nice to be prepared.
But it’s ok to feel ashamed.
It’s ok to feel anything at all,
even if it’s unbearable.
Most things are bearable, just
not bare-able or shareable. )

You are still allowed to
find meaning
in loving, in doing, in creating.

So can you give love?
(You – no, not in “that” way.)

Not like fire or like storms,
not like a landslide or whatever
image of sheer power comes your way.
(someone taught you love and power
are the same thing, maybe.)

Can you, just
enough, to give
the world
to life
to yourself, enough
for what people
who love you (no, not in “that” way)

It might be so much less
than what you want to offer.

But that’s ok too.
(Because maybe, it’s not about you)

Because loving just enough,
might just be enough, and
might carry a little joy.

Par t 2
The only person you are
allowed to sink anchors into
is yourself.

The only person you are
allowed to set free
is yourself.

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