Open space in your heart, just

Just room.


Try not to think of it as emptiness.
Try not to fill it with weeds and
things that remind you of loneliness,
when it is just space for growing.

Try not to build on loose soil,
Try not to build until you know every bit
of foundation, the earth your heart
is made of, until there is first comfort,
then peace. You cannot till
sick soil; but you can love the earth,
however  bruised she may be,
however long she takes to heal
(And she actually tends to heal when
left to her own devices, without
a lot of interference from people).

Enjoy the open space, cultivate
a meadow, when there is time,
when there is better soil.

People may not come, but
you are healing to give flowers,
to grow your garden, and not
because it’s a pretty view
for someone to see as they walk by.
(but if they do walk by, and they
seem to  enjoy your space in
kind ways, enjoy it with them.)

let flowers and beauty grow.
let joy come to you – there is
always the reliability of
small moments of happiness.

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