On Powerful Spells – Part 1

Men will never understand the power of women, of witches, of covens, of friendship.

They will never understand our spells, our ways of comforting, confronting lies and digging truths out of our skin – or sometimes, the skin of other people, our ability to heal or pierce with words – they will never understand these things.

they will never understand because they think we need them, and that our need for them supercedes everything else: why would our ways matter, be worth understanding, when all that should be important to us should be them?!

There is nothing more frightening to a man than telling him he is unnecessary in your life. Remember this. They long to be needed. They have created a world where some of us are forced to need them.

When you tell a man he is unnecessary in your life, you must mean it, or it will have no effect.

This is no light spell for beginners.

This is a spell of destruction, calamity, rebirth – (are these not the same things?); this is what has destroyed worlds and started them anew.

To do this, you must call a maelstrom to your voice, a hurricane the size of oceans, thunder a rhythm that overtakes his heartbeat until you start a rainstorm inside him, like the end of times, pralaya, the first flood that cannot help but pour out, pour in, flood his soul with every menacing truth about him that he has never confronted.

This is how you make a man cry in his own home.

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