On Apologies

Part 1
I have journeyed
into my marrow, dug into bone,
with a toothpick
and found the root of my truth,
a sprouting seed, unfurling
capillaries across my limbs,
down to my fingers, blossoming
like cherries, like blood

Like harm done,
belong to those
who do harm, a cradle
knit carefully from words for guilt,
for sorrow, and for sincerity.

Apologizing lets them rest.

Part 3
is a reminder
that my heart is whole
that my fruits are fresh,

someone I knew
once said, “Keep your rage close to you”

And I believed her truth
and I believed her rage;
it was my truth too,
and my rage too.

But now, I have another truth,
pulled from my roots:
“Give your rage away”
to the wind to whisper it into sweet-dust-nothings,
dispersed through the world, fragments of hurricanes,
a light breeze.

“Give your rage away”
to oceans to churn amrit from the waves,
wine and wisdom; honey and lemon ginger tea, vibhuti and
a way to heal.

“Give your rage away”
to Bhumi through your tears;
let them be rivers and know that
Earth will honour them, even Sita returned to
her mother’s house.

“Give your rage away”
to quench the fire in your own heart,
instead of feeding it
to make room in your thin,
blood-filled venules,
your resistant arterioles,
for cherry blossoms
and blood orange trees
to bloom.

When there are no apologies,
forgiveness lets you move.


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  1. Wow, those last two lines… ❤

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