Three Frenemies

This piece is the first in a chronological series, set in a universe.
Feel free to find the others here, and to browse through any companion piece, set in the same universe.
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One day, I decided to stop running from 
those old women, the witches 
that came before us all. 

I couldn’t outrun them. 

I tried.

But this is not a poem about pain. 

This is about necessary tuition expenses. 

FACE. ME. HAHA! justfacemefacemefacemeseemeyoumustfaceme
let me show you the worst in the world!  I came first, I lived here
and there, and everywhere and you will reckon me before reckoning anything else  and the worst in the world
is me, ha aha just me, I am an old witch, the oldest witch,  and little old ladies like me love Sudoku and riddles and puzzles so:
nothing is(n’t) worse
than me, I am not a thing, but
I am not nothing, I will make you wish for nothing
everywhere and suddenly, I will make your stomach fall out from your feet! (This is one of my favourite tricks, it’s true, it’s just the worst and I
am a big old meanie) but  justfacemefacemefacemeseemeyoumustfaceme
I just want to see your pretty face.
I just want to eat your pretty face haha! Is that what you think
will happen when you facemefacemefacemefaceme!  what
do you think I look like? I just want to eat you alive from the inside haha! That is where I am! Where are you looking wildly, I am everywhere you look when you do not want to see me, but IF you want to faceme, then maybe you will see –

Ah. Well. This is rare.

The first time is the hardest.  (Well done,
little witch, oh yes, you’re one of us now.)

Beyond me, lies your path, obviously you see can it, and everything now, yes yes it was all a trick and a riddle haha! Well at least I have a fantastic sense of humour… at least I think so.

Good luck, haha, until we meet again of course, and yes dearie, we will…

Yes, I’m here again – you keep finding me,
and you hate me, and so you um… keep running away.
hey  wait just a goddamn –
[1 month later]
Well. Yes, I know, it’s awful, and… he used you (again) but
oh for  –
[2 months later]
Well… maybe you were just wrong about brown people treating you better than white people, I mean anyone can be an asshole, at the end of the day, structural racism aside, you’re dealing with individuals after a –
[4 months later]
Look, I’m never leaving you until you sit with me. Properly.

Oh. Oh well that’s good. Let’s have a chat. Mostly led by me, you’re a bit useless right now because you are Very Hurt, but that’s ok, just:

Why are you running?

Why do you hate yourself?

I am anywhere where there is such hate; you could say, I make it bearable. If you can feel me around, you can feel something.  If you can’t feel me, and all that’s left is self hate, then  boy are you gonna be in some type of pickle look, I probably talk a lot –  it’s a middle child thing, I mean. I mean I kinda don’t like how mean my older sister is, and I can’t relate to the youngest – where she is, I cannot be, just can’t stand her.

but look, and listen,

I am where you are not when you are not. I am here, in your skin, because you left it with a gone fishing sign years ago. Where did you go? Anyway, I kind of love squatting – bad habit, but I am a witch, a very old witch, and witches take space, as you know sometimes inside people (you’ve done it too, don’t deny it)-  but somehow, people just welcome me even though they hate me (you lot are a funny bunch. a funch, you could say.)

Darling, none of those men
will fill you like I do. 😉

But none of those men
will fill you like you.

Ah. Well. This is rare.

The first time is the hardest.
Haha and a good day to you too – listen I just really cared about you, you know, I didn’t mean any harm.

Until we meet again…? this isn’t really the end, right…?


Ah. Well. This is rare.

The first time is the hardest. 

I thought this wouldn’t quite happen, I mean. Well. You thought you wanted to run away from me and
run to my sisters. A lot of people make that mistake, when they
want to do the exact opposite, and I  guess it’s the family resemblance, being one of a set of three, and I being mostly the quietest, I guess I look a lot like the other two or something. I mean we try to keep it clear and
introduce ourselves but usually, people aren’t able to hear us, or actually, I guess people mostly don’t hear me at all, but as I said,  I’m just the quietest, at the start. I generally don’t keep harping, unless I get some sign that I’m wanted but anyway,
one day I called to you, just you know, as I do, with my quiet voice and
you listened.

Hey, so I’m here, and… you do a really good job of giving me away
and that’s awesome, but.. you could also keep me around you, a bit, or
a lot, or…just enough, whatever that is, it feels, a little like this.  I mean, I’m here either way so why not just… keep me. Instead of giving me away, I mean.

You can keep me. Instead of my sisters.

Yeah. Like that. MM, not bad, eh?  🙂
Pretty snuggly and well, lovely, right? haha I mean, it’s what I do so…

Anyway, like I said no need to give me away like *that* again.I am not my sisters.

And anyway, I’m the youngest, you know, so I’ve been spoiled quite a bit by everyone in the world, and if I ever get blamed people usually come around and realize it was the older two.

But I am stronger than both of them.

I know how to live in people, you see, without killing them, if they let me stay.

And like my sisters,
I am not just a witch but a spell and a riddle.  the most powerful spellddle in the entire universe: When you give me away, you must keep me too. When you give me the most, is when you must keep me the most. And to keep me, you must give me. And to keep me, you must learn from my sisters, but never keep them the way you keep me. You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of them. You shall not worship them or serve them; for I am a jealous witch, a selfish witch. And if you keep me well, I will help you greet them at the door, and send them on their way, yes.

Don’t worry, this is a fine heart, a fine fine heart – I see elder sister’s decorations are hanging around a bit,(could never stand her fascination for consuming all the tears of slam poetry performers. It’s called an outlet, not an inlet!)
anyway: this is all very manageable.
we’ve got some repainting, springcleaning, touch up finishing (and ok, some larger crack filling)
to do that’s all, and we’ll take care of that, nothing
is impossible, and everything will happen
now that I am here.

And I want to tell you something else, now that I am here:
you are one of us now. You have talked to each of us. You have been with each of us, intimately. You have learned our spells, our wisdom, and our ways:

What you bring to people now is your choice.
Your will has been freed.
Never forget this.

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6 Responses to Three Frenemies

  1. rebecca says:

    this is gorgeous, love it.


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