The After Thought

How did I turn you into the unspeakable

I swallowed my tongue
whole a night ago kept it
in a jar by the door, ghost
kiss the air far away these
were our lips cut out by a pen

rewind everything expose the
camera film to
sunlight, neurosurgery under
a magnifying glass
grass. soft against my cheek
I am just an anthill in my mind just
start a fire in my brain
put it out. Let it burn to nothing

a creature sits on my shoulder
talons pulling memories out of my skin
for her little arts and crafts  book.

let me show you a magic trick:
now you see me now you dont
let’s start over.
tape rewound to the 90s

Rewrite everything.


It’s nice to meet you

Let’s be friends

(I’ll be quieter this time around)

(Don’t think there’s much to say this time around.)

Are you ok yes

Everything ok yes

Can I do anything no

Are we good we’re something

Film cracks. Fire crackles.

Wouldn’t some cocoa and marshmellows be nice.

(I’ll ask easy questions this time around)

(I won’t ask anything this time aronud)

We’re not friends.

We’re not friends.

We’re not friends.

Are we friends yes sure fine whatever you want it’s always whatever you want


I am the girl who cried wolf.

They were all wolves.

Nice wolves.

Hello wolves.


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