You Remember

And suddenly,
you remember your heart is infinite
you remember you carry the world in your mouth
you remember you can give a lot and now little by little,
you can receive a little
and eventually it’ll even out or it won’t but you’ll still be fine.

You’ll still be fine.

You remember who you are.

Baby steps. It’s ok. Hold the truth that you can. (watch the truth that you cannot, far off in the distance, it will wait for you).

Why have you collected those cruel thoughts over the years, let them seep into your writing, painted them over the tip of your tongue like poison spit
them out. Now.
Why are you in the shadow cloak cast by a painful past cast
it off
Why are you seeking shelter from the sun bask
in its rays.

Make room for the naked tongued truth, the silence that was meditative,  the difficult beauty of life caught in a gaze that lasted eternity and told you everything you needed to know:
Yes, there was affection.
Yes, kindness existed.
Yes, there was something.
Yes, he pulled you closer.
Yes, he was hurt too.
Yes, it mattered.


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