Things I learned from you

This is an ongoing list:

  1. How to peel a hard boiled egg in under 15 seconds. #lifeskill
  2. How to listen better and ask better questions.
  3. Silence is meditative
  4. I am stronger than I thought I was
  5. There is a difference between keeping things private and keeping things secret.
  6. I am not Beyonce, and therefore, unfortunately not flawless
  7. My charm disarms but doesn’t necessarily garner trust or respect.
  8. I am not “that girl” anymore
  9. I owe nothing to anyone but neutrality
  10. I need to treat myself better. Like, a lot better.
  11. Affection and love are not “earned” or “proven – but trust is.
  12. All people are selfish and that this is not always a bad thing.
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