Half Yours, Half His

cast a connection
half yours, half his
like a net in an open sea
catch your reflection
in his eyes, in his fingers
when he runs them
over his lips when he looks at you,
even now.
even after.

break the dream
in two and give him half
your memories, his finger
along your lips, the edge
of your chin, the cheekbone
and take his, half too, yours.

cultivate a new earth in your graveyard
garden heart; there is no grave this time
there is no mourning to be had, he took that
in his hands, carried it somehow away,
left you only roses of memories
yes prickly,  yes thorny, yes difficult to touch,
and yes growing wild light free

dawn breaks the prayer
of the heart, yours, answers
the prayer of the soul, his:
stay, friend, here at the end,
it is only a new beginning

sometimes you meet yourself
in someone else,
sometimes you find your body
split along that narrow edge
hurt and healing
half yours, half his

let change sing in your bones
dance, like you did in his arms,
to this old rhythm  and new melody
embrace this new incarnation
of your spirits:
half yours, half his.

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