Choosing Myself

I belong to myself. I belong to me. I choose me. I choose myself. I will build a life I am proud of and happy with. I will consistently make choices that choose this proud and happy life. I will seek out people that support me and my life, and who I can support in return, and I will reject the rest. My priority will be to protect the life I am building at all costs. I will protect my dreams, passions, goals for myself at all costs. I will protect myself from ideas, people, and communities that drain my energy at all costs.

This may mean I lose many many people.

But it will also mean I gain myself.

And, it turns out, I can live without many many many many people.

the one person I really need, is me- the deep Me, the better Me – that is the person I need in my corner the most, and I need that Me more than I need anyone else.

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