The half-life of love is forever. – Junot Diaz

Don’t worry:
you’ll change and you’ll hope I will too,
and I will, but not because you
saw my interest die along the mirror, stretching
between our lives, we stood too far apart
I saw my dreams reflected, and
you saw yours, and when it shattered, both
our hands were cut, you brought the band-aids,
prepared as always,
and that was ok because
love isn’t a mirror.

Don’t worry:
I know the roller coaster storm ride
was dizzying, that I was a whirlwind
and a hurricane, but didn’t I try
to keep you in my eye, safe, while my
world drowned? so you left because
without the eye, there can’t be a storm, and
your cleverness always made me smile, even now,
especially now, because as it turns out,
love isn’t a storm.

Don’t worry:
It’s a new year already, many centuries have passed,
my heart has regrown, it is now a walnut: small and hard
and alive and mine and it will grow into a tree,
but the heart I gave you will still live, because
it turns out, my love doesn’t even need me, not really.

Don’t worry:
I told you love existed maybe in moments,
but I didn’t tell you then
that any moment where love exists
lasts forever.

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