What we had lay dying over so many months, a death by a thousand disappointing cuts.

At the end she asked me “please. He will be too much of a coward to end this properly. It must be you. It has always been you. I know it isn’t fair.”
So I took her in my arms, kissed her cheeks and her eyes and her hair and said “you mattered to me and always will” and she smiled and said “I know”.

Then I twisted her neck quickly and calmly.

I know you did not even hear her neck snap.

I buried her after climbing to the highest cliff in an unamed land.

I buried her surrounded by an angry ocean’s stinging salt winds in my hair and against my cheeks.

I buried her as the waves crashed against the rocks below.

I buried her in an unmarked grave that only I know how to find.

You will not find her or me again.

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