Tired and Full

One day,
you will be tired of all the glass
and brittle promises of men marked fragile
(do they even promise anything anymore?
there is comfort in knowing they know
their own inadequacy)

You will be tired enough, finally
of the hesitancy, the ambivalence, the lack
of follow-through, the children masquerading
as men, the men who never grew up, because
they just didn’t have to.

And on that day you will wake up
and your standards will be high
and your patience for all the things
that are wrong for you will be thin, finally
so thin, so as to be nonexistent
and you will be so full of your own life
with a bright and beautiful walnut tree
for a heart, all its fruits are for you,
its trunk is for you to lean against,
its shade is a reminder that balance is  just
finding happiness in summer sun and under branches too

And you will never suffer a fool again.

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