Things I Learned From You -3

  1. What my soul is made of
  2. Who I really am
  3. Who I need to be
  4. How to be my own best friend, partner, lifemate
  5. What trust looks like and does not look like
  6. The importance of reliability, consistency, and being choosy
  7. How everyone is, at the end of things, the same
  8. What love really means
  9. What fear really means
  10. How to be authentic, and demand authenticity in return
  11. Authenticity is always vulnerable but vulnerability is not always authentic
  12. People don’t “make” you feel anything. No one makes anyone feel anything. How to own your own feelings as yours, completely inside yourself.
  13. How to accept disappointment in people and yourself and how to move on from it
  14. How to be alone and happy
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