the body is always cleverer

the body is always cleverer than the mind, the
blood carries some message to and from the tongue telephone
broken rotary string thin cups around the corner feet
on sidewalks, lost along the way, some sense of the heart – trying
to pull words out of tissues is the task of any poet
but we get it wrong sometimes. we do. the missed information
half heard, half formed, something happens when we
think too much about things

like my heart is a walnut. it sounded like
a good metaphor, a small hard thing, just for
me, the metaphor lived. The image grew, a tree for me,
a walnut tree heart, a walnut heart
I wrote that once and kept writing it but
the body is always cleverer than the mind, so
i really had to sit and wonder why not almonds
or pistachio easily my favourite in ice cream
why not cashews, roasted – there’s a metaphor, if
less empowering. but the body is always cleverer
than the mind, and there was a reason
my heart is a walnut – the images always come first
the sense of it, the contours and the shape
poetry is just 3d cryoimaging of ultrathin biological sections, you
take the heart (or perhaps a whole mouse embryo),
you freeze it, you slice it thin as can be, take photos
and put the photos back together to give you the three
dimensional image of the organ (or perhaps, the mouses embryo)
and all its insides
and when i did this to my growing embryo of the heart,
the lab technician eventually said “well the results are in,” and
scratched his head “it’s looking like a walnut”
“a walnut” i said. “huh. weird. are you sure?”
The lab technician shrugged and I shrugged too and saw it
and yup, very walnut like this heart,
“ok yeah that makes sense – let’s go with that”
but poets and scientists make mistakes sometimes
and messages get crossed
and the images we take of ourselves cut up
from the inside sometimes, we assemble them the
wrong way on our tongues, like what we say is a projection of what we saw
is a projection of light reflected the wrong way
all this to say, my scythe tongue cutting my heart into ultrathin cryosections
said “this is a walnut” and my eyes saw a walnut
and my hands have been writing about my walnut heart
but the body is always cleverer than the mind

and it turns out
my heart is a wall
for me the nut.

(and it’s ok, we are all nuts)

and that suddenly makes so much more sense.

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