Red Line

the air in my lungs is heavy with forest fire storm and electricity
I plucked these out of Jupiter’s eye, left him blind, and swallowed it centuries ago laughed at your stupid male god with his infantile fragile ego
I have always existed, churning red eye smoke
and smog and lightning in
my windpipe and yes, they charred a red dead black swath of brushfire in
the lungs of the women I have lived in,
but these are the women whose eyes can glow
and I have the Voice that is listened to.

I have always been the Witch of the Voice,
the Priestess of the Wise,
the red line tongue, the teeth that bite bite, my bite is much much worse than my bark brown soft on the outside stone on the inside
cut yourself on my brown soft skin like all the other guys, one time
I bit out spit out  “get out”
naked from my bed, my words slapped
him – landed like a lit match
he was shriveling up
in my smiling red flame
line like lipstick mind my time now
mind my words now:
“put your clothes on,
you piece of shit.
get the fuck outta my house now.”
I say calmly,  I lay languidly against the sheets, 24 years old, soft soft soft brown breasts soft, nipples slowly softening, soft belly breathing, viper tongue lashing like a devil’s fire whipline against his temple – he’s staggering and stammering.

What makes men lose their composure?

The red line, when they run into it.
It doesn’t matter how soft my body is,
I will cleave you in two or more
with that red line tongue of mine.
he opened his mouth to speak and so i laughed and filled his hole
with volcanic ash – saw him choke and struggle for air,
like a fish out of water,  fish inside a fire,  fish dying in my hands made of heat, imma eat you, swallow you, shit you out the front door of your own house –

“get the fuck out.”

I am the Voice of truth and conviction. I don’t demand, I don’t command, I simply state a reality that is or that will be soon, motherfuckers wanna show me their whole butter soft moon ass, asking for a kick in the seat of their pants

he puts on his pants silently, his eyes looking at the floor, at his crotch – his hands trembling near his fly, he feels like he’s gonna die, i think he knew for a minute his cock was missing done gone and would stay missing until dawn at least until he left my house, until he left me what was mine, mind the price you pay  the fare the toll that’s fair all told when you run the red line. he nodded a few times to himself as though to say yup, i am a piece of royal shit that doesn’t deserve to live, swallowed hard, walked out of my room, no i didn’t follow him out. i laughed and stared at the wall. I knew he would leave. I knew he would never go to the kitchen to grab a knife; I think he knew I was the sharpest knife around. I knew he would not fight to stay or stay to fight because I already had won. I knew he could do nothing but leave because I had decided already he would do nothing but leave.

I am the witch whose entire world is in her mouth
I am she who chooses who breathes, and whose lungs will turn to ash
I am the Fire Queen
the Red Empress
the Scarlet Goddess
I cut my teeth on Medusa’s nails,
My spells are always Voice and Silence and Gaze

Around me, a river on fire circles like a snake, sometimes men see my fangs on dinner dates, when I sip my wine, my dragon teeth tap against the glass and I run my red line tongue over them. Sometimes they mistake this for sexual interest. Sometimes they mistake this for thrill. Sometimes they see the red line and want to know what it is. So I will tell you:

The red line is just
what I let in and
what I keep out

When men run that red line stop sign, motherfuckers drop dead in my sightline who the head bitch ’round here yeah I tell them sometimes: give me all the water inside your honeydew moon filtered bodies, give me all the water inside all your cells, all that gentleness you think you have earned, give me all the plasma inside your blood vessels, give me all the stuff your organs are soaked in, give me everything good and wet and water and life giving about you, let me turn them all to smoke and ash in my throat. Give me everything that you thought you could take. Give me everything you stole. Give me all the best parts of you because they were mine before it was yours.

And if you don’t,

Believe me,

I will take them.

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  1. This is so empowered I will be ready mentally prepared for communication issues will soon coming up… Than! ~


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