Love in the Time of Queer Death

***I publish from time to time through Nuance, a publication featuring writings by first gen, second gen immigrant youth in Toronto. Nuance is a platform hosted on Medium. Recently, Medium reached out to Nuance  to feature the following piece on their homepage.  🙂 What an honour! I was touched to hear about it, and I hope folks enjoy the writing.***

//The language of abuse and its internal circulation within queer communities has been one of the most difficult things to name. We are afraid of boundaries in queer communities. We are afraid because so many of us have been rejected from families in little ways and large ways. We are afraid that any boundary is a rejection and not an opportunity for growth of friendship.

And we are convinced rejection is abuse, but it’s not. Rejection is a boundary. It is a necessary corollary to accepting anyone and anything in our lives. Our “yes” has no meaning if we cannot say “no” freely.//
The above is an excerpt. Full Text of Love in the Time of Queer Death here

Love in the Time of Queer Death art

Art by Beena Mistry @


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