how you blended into the pages of a good book

the words dissolving into your skin like

inkless tattoos all across your torso

the hallucination of a sunrise

the windless valley

the desert of sand

the war of fire

the bloodless victory

the tears of grief

the hero the villain the –

how do you run away from it all
how do you hold it all

how did you turn a book inside out and call it life

how did you take a life inside out and call it a life a body a story a mug of tea

a toothache a heartbreak a jar of faces

a meeting you meet with yourself

a meeting worth meeting

how do you do this to people now every time

you see them

you see yourself

you see them


one day a girl saw her whole self

held in the palm of her hand

the faces and places she’s been

the men and women she’s been

the people in between and the gods that she’ll be

the witches in the twilit sea

the violets of the mermaids and the

blood across their mouths

the hearts that she’s eaten

and those without


“I can talk to cats” you say.

you are serious


“yes. all of them.”

you will die of asthma one day
an ocean of air withheld, you will
drown in the vacuum of space you
see your death a million years from now
and it is alright you have lived
a million years already
and when it happens, it will end beautifully

I promise you

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