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Systemic Human Anatomy

Bone and blood are all I write about: What else is there but rock and rivers to break them open?

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They’re not all gone, you know. They come in flash floods, from across the world with poor infrastructure and the smell of open drains and freeze, instantly in subzero Toronto, me to a moment; they nail my neck to some January … Continue reading

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A Car Accident in Space-Time

“You’re going to get published, right? You write so beautifully,” he said. A few years from now, few, from our perspective, we will all be able to travel at the speed of light without much effort at all. Sometimes, I … Continue reading

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Water in the Wood

Part 2 In the bath, I feel a whirlpool gather, as I pull the bathroom stopper and think how much water can I drink? And the whirlpool sucks     on my fingertips, pulls at the wrinkles (there they’re) like miniature … Continue reading

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