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Bi Erasure, Straight-Passing, and Str8ness – Part 1

***If sharing this article, or the concept Str8ness/being Str8 as described here, please cite and credit Kshyama (that’d be me, the author), and link the blog where you found it (that’d be this one)*** I’ve seen this argument go around … Continue reading

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Excerpts – 8: Notions of Objectivity, Repurposed and Clarified

Haraway argues that through articulating subject positions, there is an enriching in the particular, in the situational, and in the specific – in knowing always and only partially, but in a manner that respects the multiple, and often incoherent and … Continue reading

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Excertps – 7: On Validity, Objectivity, and Objectification in Ethnographic Writing

In addition to the ethical danger however, the classic ethnographic view to shape cultures as static, unchanging, with integrity and coherence is problematic with respect to the validity of research conducted. Just as thick description and deep analysis involves differentiating … Continue reading

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Excertps – 6: On Objectification, Decolonising Research, and Disturbing Relations of Power in Ethnographic Writing

Classic ethnography, Rosaldo notes, removes the observer from the observed, setting a large distance between them. The epistemological foundations of creating this distance are strongly tied to notions of objectivity, and more chillingly, exploitation: the idea that more valid data … Continue reading

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Excerpts – 5: How (not) to write about “culturally distinct Others” in Ethnography

Ethnographic accounts have often hinged on ‘thin descriptions’ of culturally distinct Others. These stereotypes are immediately recognized by Rosaldo and Paredes who, by being researchers of colour, are perhaps more attuned to the ways in which Chicano discourses circulate amongst … Continue reading

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Reflections on “What kind of practices and health work might sex workers engage in to manage their health? “

My choice to add a short reflection at the end of the paper stems from my desire to more critically locate myself –  that is to say, my subjectivities, as a researcher, student, and Indian woman in the body of … Continue reading

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