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Answering “So, What’s Your Background?” – 201

A little while ago, I was at a party that was mostly white. It’s been a long while since I was in a mostly-white setting, and I’d maybe forgotten some of the issues that arise disproportionately. So while I wasn’t … Continue reading

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8 Reasons you should never report someone on Facebook for using a false name

(If you’ve lost access to your account due to being reported for a “fake” name, please see How to not lose, or regain, your account with a “false” name on Facebook) Recently, my account was deactivated because, I was told, there … Continue reading

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Part 1 I wonder through the plasticity of my skin, And the little cuts I’ve made to hide My weapons of some minor destruction – A smile here, to accentuate the frigidity in my eyes, Bisous to remember all the … Continue reading

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On Allyship, Abuse, Identity, and Solidarity – and How to Make a Damn Difference (1)

*all names have been changed in the post below to protect people’s privacy!* I have been overwhelmed recently with thinking about what allyship means in my own life – or rather, what it has meant in the past, what it … Continue reading

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Shutting Down Conversations About Race: Humour and Music

Talking about race is often more difficult than joking about it, singing about it, or making offhand remarks about racism – though of course such jokes or remarks about race can precipitate discussion around race. On my facebook newsfeed today, … Continue reading

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Encountering Arrogance in a Coffee Shop, or: The Old White Dude at Starbucks Who Knew More About my Research than I did (Not)

I was at a Starbucks, working on my research and studying for an exam in the fall, when I noticed an acquaintance of mine from McGill University. Since we’re both no longer in Montreal, the chance meeting was something of … Continue reading

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The Problem With Dove’s “Real Beauty” Campaign, Part 1

I came across Dove’s “Real Beauty” Sketches a little while ago. A friend of mine had posted it on her Facebook wall. I saw it and was immediately ambivalent. To be sure, Dove has had a pseudo-inclusive message about women … Continue reading

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Excerpts – 5: How (not) to write about “culturally distinct Others” in Ethnography

Ethnographic accounts have often hinged on ‘thin descriptions’ of culturally distinct Others. These stereotypes are immediately recognized by Rosaldo and Paredes who, by being researchers of colour, are perhaps more attuned to the ways in which Chicano discourses circulate amongst … Continue reading

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Mental Health, Racism, and Gun Violence: An Analysis of the Massacre in Newtown

On mental health: Mental health should not be a topic given lip service to after every mass shooting just because the privileged ‘sane’ are fearful of the ‘insane’ – this is othering language. Othering language posits an “us” vs “them” … Continue reading

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http://alagarconniere.wordpress.com/tag/my-feminism-will-be-intersectional-or-it-will-be-bullshit/ This is an excellent blog post I was directed to after speaking to a friend last night on intersectionality. “My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit.” Yup. That just about sums it up. Oh also this, … Continue reading

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